[Blog] Artists You’ll Fall For! Neile Cooper

About the series – I realized there’s a whole heap of artists I know that I just love, adore, and envy (in a good way!) So why not toot their creative horns and share their pictures and stories. Enjoy!


Let’s begin with handmade jewelry.

Jewelry has this amazing niche of being a balance of craft-based, fine art, and of course – functional. There’s people out there at that argue that craft does not equal art and functionality plays into the authenticity/definition/what-have-you of fine art.

All of those arguments are fine. Whatever, opinions hopefully backed up with fact. But every once in awhile there is a maker who bridge all three beautifully. And that is the first artist featured here – Neile Cooper.

I don’t want to bother with some silly bio about this artist. I’m not convinced anyone actually reads them. What I will discuss instead is how much art and creativity infiltrates her life.

Neile rocks out a seriously impressive Etsy site filled with beautiful rings, earrings, and bridal jewelry (of which I plan to wear when I get married). Most of them utilize responsibly sourced real butterfly wings in every color possible. They’re worked much like stained glass, encased in glass and silver (yes, normally lead is used but that’s not safe wear, don’t you know). And when the main materials isn’t butterflies it is instead something wonderfully experimental. Ferns, feathers, and commission dog hair necklaces have been made special order.

Jewelry isn’t the only thing Neile does. I just focus on it simply because I am obsessed with her butterfly necklaces (of which I own…5? 6?)

When she’s not rocking the silver sodder, she’s working on the Glass House. I know this whole “She Shed” trend has been all over the news lately, but Neile started it and did it in a way none of the other ones have.

Picture this if you will – a shed built out of vintage farm windows. A glass house that is one of kind. Now swap out each of those panes of glass with custom stained glass panels. Let me say that again – and entire glass house made of stained glass. And its so lovely (as is all the surrounding area she lives and works, that she has the most pleasant tumblr inspired by this cabin. I mean, look at this thing!

So yeah, keep an eye on Neile’s tumblr or her facebook for all the fun things she’s rocking out. And should you need a kickass birthday present for a picky mom or a discerning girlfriend, she’s got your back. I promise you will not be disappointed.





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