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[Art] Series Statement – Resurrecting Audubon’s Birds of America

James Audubon’s depiction of birds is heralded as some of the most natural and life‐like images of avifauna and their habitat.

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[PROGRESS] Roses are in metal!

It’s fun to see them come together. Next up – Patina!

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Getting the Robin(s) was awesome. I’ve always have a close affection for this print, and although I wasn’t worried I would get one, but get a youngster, an adult, AND find a nest.

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[Sculpture] Work in Progress – Rose

Quick update – here’s a new piece heading to the mold makers currently. This full size rose will be available in aluminum

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[Blog] My next sculpture + 300 miles + Humble Pie

To begin – there was no slice of pie. I ate the whole fucking thing. It tasted salty, much like what I think reality tastes like. And boy howdy did I experience that taste heavily this weekend.

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[BLOG] Vote for my next set of sculptures!

Here’s the deal- Every year I head up to Green River Wyoming to compete on the Art on the Green Competition. The concept is simple – 24 hours and 20 lbs of clay. Finish a piece from scratch, possibly win a bunch of money in the process.

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4 Pieces in a week (or How My Working Process Works Me)

It’s been months since I’ve finished any new work. Facts like this hang over my head like that little cartoon cloud we all love to hate. Mine sits like a fog, right at temple level, and water trickles down my face. Safe to say it annoys the hell out of me until I do something about it.

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[Blog] Ruffled Feathers 2 – The Evil Great Horned Owl

The first big bird I received from the University of Colorado Natural History Museum was a Great Horned Owl. 

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[Blog] Ruffled Feathers 1 – Cliff Swallow

When this project started in 2012, I was not photographing at The Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Frankly, the idea of pitching this project to an esteemed facility such as DMNS was way out of my wheelhouse.

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Product Lifestyle Catering

Lifestyle product photography is ideal for putting your products into the context of daily life and daily use.

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