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[Art] Series Statement – Resurrecting Audubon’s Birds of America

James Audubon’s depiction of birds is heralded as some of the most natural and life‐like images of avifauna and their habitat.

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[ART] Artist Statement – Andy Warhol Naked & Unlabeled

This series was revived in 2013 after its original execution in 2007.

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[Blog] Ruffled Feathers 2 – The Evil Great Horned Owl

The first big bird I received from the University of Colorado Natural History Museum was a Great Horned Owl. 

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[Blog] Ruffled Feathers 1 – Cliff Swallow

When this project started in 2012, I was not photographing at The Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Frankly, the idea of pitching this project to an esteemed facility such as DMNS was way out of my wheelhouse.

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Paddle On with Alyssum Pohl

[Blog] Paddle On! Collaboration

I came across a kickstarter executed by the sister of Boulder artist Chelsea Lockheart. Her sister, Alyssum Pohl, is the youngest woman to attempt to paddle the Mississippi River from the headwaters in Minnesota to Louisiana. Now why am I, an artist in Colorado, so interested? Collaboration of course! 

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Product Lifestyle Catering

Lifestyle product photography is ideal for putting your products into the context of daily life and daily use.

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[Blog] Artists You’ll Fall For! Neile Cooper

About the series – I realized there’s a whole heap of artists I know that I just love, adore, and envy (in a good way!) So why not toot their creative horns and share their pictures and stories. Enjoy!

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[Blog] Let’s Ruffle Some Feathers

Last month I had the opportunity to exhibit at Hapa Sushi and Sake Bar in Boulder. It was my second solo show graciously provided by Jarred of 1/1 Magazine who coordinated the initial show at Crimson Hilt Tattoo.

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Sealife Sculpture

My mother, Robin Starkey, was a well known sculptor in Loveland.

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Product Photos at Red Rocks

Here’s a challenge – how often do you get an opportunity to photograph a product with a background so beautiful that it will potentially outshine your subject matter?

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