Getting the Robin(s) was awesome. I’ve always have a close affection for this print, and although I wasn’t worried I would get one, but get a youngster, an adult, AND find a nest.

Everything was easy to gather. The oak branches, the nest, and the birds were all gathered quickly. But it was not the image capturing that kicked my artistic butt. It was the photoshopping that got me.


Every branch, every nest, and every bird (all seven of them) were individual images.

Total images for the piece was upwards of 15. This doesn’t sound like much but the prep time to get every image just right and layered together nearly killed me.

In the end, it took 30 hours of photoshopping to make this piece. Maybe it’s becuase it’s so dynamic and despite the white background, it is a dense image. It’s a classic example of Audubon’s passion for birdwatching and clearly took the time to watch these parents raise their young. The intimacy of the doting parents feeding their hungry little brood And with that knowledge I simply conclude ­ If Audubon can spend so much time in the wild observing these creatures, I can spend the time necessary to make sure my prints rival his intensity and passion.

IPADcomps_0008_Layer 23


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