Boulder Engineering Studio is a mechanical, electrical and software design firm that transforms your ideas into reality according to their website. The firm was founded in 2010 by John English and Daniel Bodenstein and is located in Boulder Colorado (Boulder County).

The challenge with the engineering companies in the the Boulder area is that there are many and even more specialize in a variety of engineering needs be it mechanical, aeronautic, or computer based. BES wanted to include elements of the services they supply into their logo. We collaborated and included their CNC capabilities, electrical design and finally a gear for the mechanical services.


About Boulder Engineering Studio

Our founders Dan Bodenstein and John English wanted to make engineering design and manufacturing more accessible so that their clients could provide creative solutions for proven market needs. What started as an outsource opportunity quickly grew into what is now Boulder Engineering Studio, a full-scale engineering design and product development firm. We help create and develop products that we believe can change our world.

Boulder Engineering Studio (BES) provides project design and product development for a variety of applications and diverse clientele. From industrial tools to children’s toys, medical devices, and the Internet of Things, we can design and propagate your project from concept to market. Boulder Engineering Studio’s multi-disciplinary team embodies the expertise required to create innovative products to exact customer expectations.