Courting Manta Rays  Fine Art Sculpture

Courting Manta Rays

Courting Manta Rays  Fine Art Sculpture

We know very little of Manta Ray reproduction and birth. We have been able to observe their courtship and overall behavior. Manta Rays have been described as friendly, curious, and almost playful. They have no issue approaching diver and “showing off” by flipping backwards and swimming in tight circles.

That’s what I wanted to capture in this piece Courting Manta Rays  Fine Art Sculpture. The two manta rays having chosen each other, signal their choice for one another by twisting in a tight circle in the water. It is the moment of acceptance by both male and female is what I sought to capture in this sculpture.

This sculpture is made of casted bronze and based on a dark walnut base.


About Courting Manta Rays  Fine Art Sculpture

Sculpted in 2011

Edition of 18 – Available for purchase