[Blog] My next sculpture + 300 miles + Humble Pie

To begin – there was no slice of pie. I ate the whole fucking thing. It tasted salty, much like what I think reality tastes like. And boy howdy did I experience that taste heavily this weekend.

The Adventure


Green River River Festival is a family event. They have everything going on that weekend. There’s a marathon (and half) for the athletic and a car show, beer garden, dog agility, fireworks, rubber duckie race, and the art competition I competed in. The whole “Something for everyone” is truly embraced in Green River, Wyoming.

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For me – the family part came in the literal form of my parents (and their 4 month old puppy) piling in a 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser for the 350 mile trip. They join me as their old friends live up in Rock Springs and I don’t have a vehicle that will reliably get me there. So we piled in and did the 5.5 hour trip.


The Artwork


I had a post last week inviting people to vote on three flower bouquets I planned to sculpt. The landslide winner was peonies followed by tulips and day lillies. All of which culminated in a a couple days of building armatures for all three bouquets.

What was messy was my cockiness. Yes, I thought could bang out THREE pieces in 24 hours. This is after not sculpting for almost two years. I have no idea what I was thinking.

In total there was 31 artists. They were sculptors, painters, airbrushers, and drawers. All of them have been coming to this event for multiple years as its a fun event where artists come together to have fun and work hard.

Within the first two hours I realized I was over my head. While I knew I could finish one, I realized that finishing one pieces is still a feat.

The whole piece took 20 hours. The other 4 hours were spent sleeping on the floor of the work space while 8 of the other 31 artists kept plugging away. Even the last 15 minutes was frantic for all of the artists involved.

The Progress




The Outcome – A New Botanical Sculpture

I’m happy with how this came out in 20 hours flat. By no means is this piece complete but its pretty far along for me. Now on to finishing details and rebuilding the damage that was incurred when bringing it back home.


What’s Next


I see this as having potential for a series. Perhaps bouquets for weddings or even rebuilds of people’s wedding pieces and make them into one-of-a-kind heirloom quality sculptures.


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