Website Launch and Update

Back in February, I came across this article that talked about the importance of mobile optimization. Now I personally don’t spend much time on websites on my smartphone, but I knew I was kidding myself on its importance and how (essentially) screwed I was not having it.


Now, I’m not a web builder. It’s not a service I offer in my branding and design services and I know only enough to realize its a daunting task that I currently reserve only for those I trust and respect. Because let’s face it, there’s lots of website developers, and there is plenty of crackpots who will sell you your own socks due a general lack of understanding.


But I digress. So here I am. I got really lucky and found a great freelancer who is legitimate as well as willing to teach me. I’m incredibly thankful that not only am I getting my website up to spec (in google’s algorithmic eyes) but I learn even more content management skills. It’s certainly something I see as an important skill to offer to my clients.


So when I get the email, a link will go here for Erin’s website. But since this beta site isn’t even published, this will all be updated before launch.


Huzzah to that. And huzzah to WordPress


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